Friday, August 09, 2013

Sox Lose, You-Know-Who Effs Up

Was so happy to see the Royals know about our (not that) new (anymore) logo!
But later in the game, on the scoreboard, they went ahead and threw up the old one!

So do they know about the change or not? Did they just go to Google Images and get lucky with one and not with the other?

Another thing from the game: On the play where the center fielder didn't even get a glove on the ball, yet Don first called it a catch before changing to a drop and then to an "off his glove," they cut to the CF angle, and the throw was going from dead center to second base, and it appeared in the view. Here's Gomes with the ball in mid-air way out in the outfield but appearing to be on his face:

Then when the game ended, they put this up:
Sox shut out again! We just won our last two games to extend our lead to 2.5, finally getting a little breathing room, then we lose, and it's "Sox shit bed AGAIN." Sure, we got shut out three games ago. Before that, you have to go back 10 more games. To say it happened "again" is like in Lost Boys when grandpa got pissed that they were having company "again":

Mom: You haven't had company in this house since mom died eight years ago!

Grandpa: Right. Now we're gonna have company again.

But you know what I just realized? The final goddamn score tonight was 5 to 1 anyway! Here I am pissed about their tone and then it hits me that it wasn't even a shutout!

Anyway, about the game, well, it was a tad bed-shitty. We couldn't do much with Chen, but screw that guy. I'll never forget the time he was mean to Fenway fans for no reason. So the lead is down to 2. No other A.L. East teams played today.

I went to the game & it was even shittier in person. Chen can't throw over 87 mph & all we could do was pop-ups or lazy fly balls. I had special shirts made for me & my son - Salty said "That's cool."

What did Chen do? I barely remember him on the team.

Good to see NESN's latest poll was so all encompassing. Bad enough these dumb polls are wasting screen space but the thursday one was impressively poor even by their standards. The vote was how many games would we win in Kansas. Seemingly the NESN vote system can only handle four options so we had the option of 1, 2, 3 or 4 wins. No mention of no wins and us being swept (something that is looking more likely with two games lost now).
And the one that asked what was most memorable about the previous night's game did not include a choice for Lavarnway getting the go-ahead hit after the four passed balls. And the one about instant replay didn't include a choice for using replay for everything.

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