Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sox 6, Yanks Pretty Much Jack Shit

Sweet game to be in attendance for. Perfect weather, great spot, lots of A-Rod booing, Red Sox beat the Yanks' ace on national TV. Above, the two kids who threw out the first pitches "warming up." (The girl obviously was confident in her pitching abilities enough to use the allotted time to do cartwheels, while the boy needed more practice.)

Lackey shut down the Yanks. It was still 0-0 in the 4th when the Yanks turned the worst "double play" of all time. Grounder to first, throw to second wild, throw back to first too late. Everybody's safe, run scores from third. On what could have been an inning-ending DP. That's why we canned your ass, Overbite! Two-out singles by Middlebrooks and Ellsbury made it 3-0.

Yanks had second/third, no outs in the next inning, but Lackey got out of it with only a run. Salty and Ells knocked in runs in the 6th, and Papi hit a massive dong in the 7th to make it 6-1, and that was your final. The Lac-tolerant crowd gave John a great ovation when he left in the 7th, and Taz, Brez, and Koj held the Yanks to nothing the rest of the way.

Rays lost, so we're 2 up on them, 8.5 up on New York.

Pat and I put on the dreaded radio station in the car for some post-game action--within four seconds (no ig-Zajj) we heard the phrase "the sky is falling" and soon after that we switched to sat. radio.

One more against the Yanks on Sunday night, then it's off to SF and LA for some interleague bullshit.

Yea, it was a perfect day for a game. I was wondering if I'd see you on the center field wall. The Yankees looked old and slow, especially A-Rod. Sorry I missed you Jere.

Didn't get there for BP. I'm working so much I haven't been able to get to many games, but I'm sure I'll see you at one of 'em soon.
I'll be in SF and at two of those games and in LA for two also. Go West young man. Go West
Everytime A-rod is booed, and angel gets its wings!

what a great game.

Dewey & Co.
Fox NESNed on Ellsbury's 6th inning double + error on the throw. As the ball hit the wall in right, Fox showed the Sox dugout, who were no doubt excited but still just observers. So we the audience had no clue what was going on. Then they cut back to Ells at third and we're thinking it's a run scoring triple. At least Fox showed the replay and explained what happened, showing "the world's greatest second baseman" nonchalanting the ball well away from the catcher(can't believe you didn't comment on that, but maybe it wasn't so obvious live). McCarver was really hyped on Cano for the first few innings, but as Pedroia played lights out for the whole game, he and Albert gave Dustin his due. - daddybcat

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