Monday, August 19, 2013

Post-Game (To Me) Fireworks

I "watched" the game over a 4-mile stretch of road. Allow me to explain, mofos. I'm in NYC, and Chan and I ate down at an Indian place on 6th Street. (On our way there, Gabriel Byrne walked right past us. The woman he was with was saying something about Darlene Love. Anyway....) We were 80-something blocks from his apartment, but we decided to walk home after dinner. By the time we got to the first bar that was showing the game, we saw a close-up of the scoreboard. 5-3 us. Sweet. We kept walking. Our next update was 7-6 them. Goddamn. We had several more stop-and-watch-from-the-street moments, and eventually made it to the Upper East in time to watch the 9th after collapsing into our chairs. Incredibly, Curt Schilling, who played against Mariano Rivera in both the 2001 and 2004 post-seasons, uttered the phrase, "Mo doesn't blow saves in October." He let the tying run come to the plate tonight, but we couldn't finish the job. Yanks win 9-6.

At this point, thinking we'd basically "seen the game," we almost turned it off. But SportsCenter started with talk of fireworks at Fenway. That's when I finally learned what went on tonight. And all I'll say, besides plenty of other things, is, Ryan Dempster for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When A-Rod came back a few weeks ago, I assumed either fans would pelt him with stuff to the point where they'd have to stop games, or, more likely, pitchers would greet him with an ipod full of chin music set to "repeat." It took this long for a pitcher to just blatantly plunk him, though. I love that it was Dempster, too. He was pitching the day of the bombing, and Kim, who was steps from the explosions that day, had been at Fenway, so she's felt a special connection to him this year. And that Girardi shit was hilarious. Punching an umpire in the face is like tipping FBI, you don't do it. And he almost did. So despite the loss we had some fun after all.

The other non-Blue Jays teams won today, so we're 1, 4.5, and 7.5 up as we head to the N.L. version of the west coast.

I'm glad A-Rod got plunked, as he totally deserves it. The only problem is that Dempster lost it after that. In the first inning, he looked sharp, but after that, he was sloppy and out of sorts. Maybe he went into a state of shock when he saw all those veins popping on Girardi's face and neck, and never really recovered from it.

But you know, if every team would seize the moment for the rest of the season, and plunk A-Rod on his first trip to the plate every game, it would be tolerable to have him in the league.

And as for this west coast trip: a pox on interleague play. Could someone please put on television a single fan who actually likes it, so we have proof of at least that? Because "the fans love it." Or Selig loves it. Or something.
I disagree with you guys. In a close pennant race, it doesn't make sense to give A-Rod and the Yunkees any fodder. Sure hope it doesn't all come down to that one game loss, which I attribute to Dempster's plunking him. See more at

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