Sunday, August 25, 2013

Playoff-Ready Red Sox Wanted It More Than Carl

Wooooooo! First team to win a series against the Dodgers since June!

We missed their top two pitchers, but you could argue that it wouldn't have made a difference. Because look at what our pitchers gave up over the three games:

000 200 00 000 000 020 000 100 000

Five runs on 11 hits. Zeros in 23 of the 26 innings. To a team that had won 45 of 55 or whatever coming in. Peavy was the proverbial man tonight, tossing a complete game. This was one well-ass played game by the Boston Red Sox.

We head home alone in first place.

SOX --
Rays 1
O's 5.5
Yanks 7
Jays 18.5

Had to laugh when Shill said CC (Carl Crybaby) swings at anything from above his eyes to below his feet. Classic. - daddybcat

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