Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Predictions Kick Ass This Year! He Said Braggingly.

Didn't I say 5-2!? Oh yeah. Though if it had been 7-1 I would have said "aw I shoulda gone with my instincts" and acted like I essentially got it right. But still, my final answer was 5-2, and it was 5-2. Please send me cash and prizes.

Why didn't that guy slide?

Nice job by UE catching Salty's dong while on the bullpen mound. Lavangie didn't seem to care.

My mom gets to see all the great games!

We stay 1 game up on Tamp., 5.5 over Balt.

Longest current winning streak in A.L.: Detroit, 7 games

Longest current winning streak in N.L.: Atlanta, 9 games

Longest losing streak in MLB: White Sox, 9 games

Team farthest from first place: Houston, 27.5 games out in N.L. West

Four of the five teams in the A.L. Central have either won or lost 9 of their last 10 games.

The Astros have scored 12 fewer runs than the Pirates. But they've given up 201 more runs than the Pirates.


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