Monday, August 12, 2013

My Idea Finally Used

I've been trying to get the Red Sox to show movies at Fenway on summer nights while the team is away for years. Search my blog for "Monster Movies" and see all the posts I've done about it, starting in April 2005. Of course, as that search term implies, my specific idea is to project the movies on the Green Monster. They're not doing that, but later this month, they WILL be showing a movie at Fenway, up on the big board. I've told them about my idea in team surveys over the last few years, so I guess it finally got through. Or they just thought of it on their own. Or they got the idea from me AND will soon be sending me a full-season ticket package free of charge and scores of game-used Gedman jerseys as a thank you. I'll keep watching my mailbox.

Anyway, the movie they're showing is The Sandlot, and fans will sit in the seats behind home and first. (Not on the outfield grass as my much, much better idea proposes.) What's up with this Sandlot movie? I noticed on one of NESN's text surveys that it was actually beating Major League and Bull Durham and Field of Dreams and The Natural as best baseball movie of all time. Does this show that the audience is very young? Or just that only the young are voting, and those dumbasses think some kids' movie is better than the classics. Or was it just rigged to get people buzzing about Sandlot before they show it? Or was that actually a vote to see which movie gets played at Fenway and I missed that part of it?

This movie has been shown at other parks this year, as well. They played it on the big screen at Target Field when the Sox were there in May, and it's screening at Dodger Stadium Sept. 1. It's apparently the 20th anniversary of The Sandlot's release, and MLB has been hyping it hard this summer. Watch this video to see Yasiel Puig pretend he knows what the hell it is:
Notice they even show an image of the physical Blu-Ray of the movie at the beginning of that official MLB video. That's fishy, I'd bet there was no choice for fans and MLB/The Owners are getting $$$ out of all this. The Sandlot isn't a bad movie, but I'll take The Natural or the original Bad News Bears any day.
Cheesy ending to that video too. Didn't need to specify it was the wrong movie, we got it, guy.
I don't understand it either, they have that crazy expensive picnic on the grass during the All Star Break, why can't they let people on the grass for this? I'd be there with a picnic blanket. I don't see much point in paying to see a movie from the 1B line though.

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