Saturday, August 31, 2013

Live-Blogging My Reaction To The Rays Score

Was at the neighbor's house all night. Got back, watched end of Sox game that I'd DVR'd. Our 4-0 lead became 4-3 and they had the tying run on third, but I was never worried. We toyed with the other Sox like a cat does a real version of a fake mouse. 4-3 was your final. Yanks won too. And since it's past 3 am, I know the Rays' west coast game must be over. Let's check the board, slowwwlyyyy....

Scrolling down, will see road team first....

Tampa, 3 runs, 8 hits, 1 error. I knew they'd had an early 1-0 lead but that's about it. I guess it could be anything now. The average amount of runs a team scores is probably somewhere in the 3s, maybe low 4s. So could the A's have 4? Easily. Could it be a 3-2 Tampa win? Also easily. If the A's scored 4 or more, it's a 3.5-game lead, people. These are also the top 2 wild card teams so the Yanks are happy either way, I guess. Regardless of that, I want the 3.5-game lead. Go A's! Here we go....


(I wasn't really scrolling, I was typing "Scrolling," but I'll now go and scroll while you imagine it....)

Oh baby! I saw the top point of a 4! The A's win! And it's a 3.5-game lead with just 26 games left!!!!!!!

Now for the Tampa details....

Ha, it was a Jed Lowrie 8th-inning double that knocked in the winning run for Oakland. Thanks, Jed.

You totally had me there. Yes, I was imagining you scrolling; slowly, with trepidation. Awesome. You should be a writer. Oh...wait.

Yankees' elimination number for the division is 20. What's your over/under on the date it happens? - daddybcat
Hoping for 9/15, we finish 'em off in that Sunday night game.
mom here. i'm hoping for the 14th--got tickets.

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