Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Needed That

Flipped on the game an hour in, and it was 5-1 us. Huge relief. Got to see a few innings and Castig'd it to the end as the Red Sox cruised, a dozen to a single bakery unit. I'm living and dying with this team as per the lifelong tradition, and I really needed to live instead of die today. Great job by Felix going 8 strong.

Going into this series, I knew we were a lock for 2 out of 3, but I worried about the game 2 jet lag, as it doesn't hit until day 2. That was indeed the only game we lost. So even though that day was an absolute killer, I gotta just look back at it as a series win. This team proved again they can move on from shittiness without skipping a beat. It's like Phil in Hangover 2: you do shitty shit, but you just forget it! No problem for this bunch.

So the Rays need a win to stay even. And hopefully the stupid Jays can win a game and push the Holes 7.5 back.

Now we go to Mannywouldn't, where we'll miss their good pitchers. 2 outta 3 is a legit possibility.

A friend of mine pointed out yesterday that the MFY are actually UNDER .500 against non-Canadian teams, and 10-1 vs. Toronto this year. Thanks for nothing, Jays.

HUGE win today. They really needed it.
Rays lose to the Os 4-2.
Nice! First place. The fact that the O's beat them means the Yanks don't move into a tie for 3rd too.

Quinn: Ha! I guess it's 11-1 now in InterCountry Play.

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