Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hope You Didn't Give Up On This One

I totally admit Kim and I were sitting there going, "it's kinda good we gave up a lot of runs in a game where we're not scoring any runs anyway." The King gave up 1 run over seven innings and left with a 7-1 lead. But we stuck with it, and the Furry Bush/Wilhelm Scream/Ollie North/Funky Cold Medina combo gave up 7 over the last two. Red Sox score 6 in 9th to win, 8-7. The poor M's never even got the second out. I love that Nava got to atone for his baserunning weirdness from the other night with the game-winning hit. And Jonny Wad came through again, tying the game after making what turned out to be key defensive plays in the top of the ninth.

So we're a game up on Tampa for first. And tied* with the Pirates for best record in baseball. Woohooooooooooooooo!

*pct. pts. bhnd.

so sweet. clearly knows how awesome this win was, judging by the lead highlight on the home page!

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