Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great Shape

We've got one game left in a 6-game NL west coast trip. We were a game up going into it, and we could be a game up at the end of it. Worst case, we're a game out--but if that happens, we'll still be 7 up on the Yanks. We were 7.5 up on them when the trip started. In other words, I'm fuckin' psyched for October baseball. Let's get there.

Big blast by Jonny Wad Gomes in the first today, and you could turn your sets off there, folks, as the Sox jump out to a 4-0 lead and win 4-2. Lester with another good game. I did wonder about that 8th, though. If you're gonna go to Koji for a more-than-one-inning save, then why wasn't he available much earlier in the inning? Taz gave up two baserunners and we didn't go to him then, and it took Breslow giving up two of his own before we finally made the call. Worked out though. I love that we beat the hottest team in baseball on national TV. We've got a chance to do it again Sunday night and take the series.

The Yanks needed CC to come through today, and he did. Until he didn't. After his offense gave him a lead in typical Yankee fashion, with runs scoring on a walk and a groundout, he gave up 3 in the 6th, and that was all Tampa needed. Yanks lose and fall 5 back in the loss column in the wild card, and 7 back of us in the East. Gotta get them completely buried now. Almost there. I love that they've lost the first two in this series, because if they happen to win tomorrow, we'll take the help...but I'm still rooting against them with every FOMB. They've also got 3 teams to pass to make the playoffs, in both the WC and the division.


Yanks @ Rays, 1:40
A's @ O's, 1:35
SOX @ Dodgers, 8:05

Side thing: Where's the drama in the NL? The East and West have been pretty much locked up, and the Central has a three-team race, but the two who don't win look to be shoeflies for the two WC spots. There will have to be a comeback of at least 7.5 games for any other team to make the playoffs. Probability-wise, you've got the top five teams in the league with a 96-or-more percent chance of making the postseason, and everybody else at 3.1 percent or lower. What I'm trying to friggin' say is, it looks like the Braves, Dodgers, Pirates, Cards, and Reds are your NL playoff teams, and it's not even September. But stranger things than that not happening have happened, and happened up a storm, so we'll see.

In the AL, there's only a little more drama--four teams are above 90%, one's at 61, two are in the 20s, and the rest, including the Yanks, are below 10.


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