Friday, August 02, 2013

Awesome Thing From Last Night

When TC gave the Orioles score during last night's game, I thought it was funny that he said they came "all the way back" from a two-run deficit to win. And I didn't think any more about it until later I realized the game was still going on and the score was different. Wait...didn't TC say it was over? I rewound, and listened again. Despite the screen showing it was the 7th inning, TC did indeed say, "5-2 the final, Baltimore wins." Wow. Terrible job. The Orioles would (much, much later) go on to win, 6-3.

(Funny bonus: hearing Don Burgundy just go right along with it.)

PS I don't know if they ever revisited this and/or if TC corrected himself, if they did, I missed it.


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