Thursday, August 08, 2013

...And The Yanks Game Was Even Better

Red Sox come from behind in ninth to win! Mariano blows save with two outs and nobody on in 9th, Yanks go ahead in 12th, and again get first two outs, only to have White Sox come back to win! The Lead is 11.5!

Perfect timing, too--Sox game ends, then I flip to MLBN, and hear Hawk saying "come on, tie it up." Guy hits one over Gardner and two runs score, White Sox make Yanks walk off. Chicago had lost TEN in a row--then they sweep the Yankees. Even the team's own web site can't believe they won this game, check it out:

Stephen Drew was our hero tonight (called a little prematurely by Don, much like how he said the left fielder "leaps" before there was any actual leaping on the dong), hitting a one-out, 3-run homer in the top of the 9th to give us a 7-5 victory and a series win deep in the heart.

Something they didn't bring up: The Drake was pinch-running, representing the tying run at second with one out. Ball hit to deep right. Sound familiar? Remember that Nava play at Fenway? And guess what--The Drake played it incorrectly just like Nava did. In the wide shot, you could see him go all the way back to second base to tag up. Again, the move there is to make sure you score if the ball isn't caught, not to make sure you get to third if it is. It's not that much better to be on third than it is to be on second with two outs. Definitely not to the point where you'd risk not scoring the tying run from second on a double or would-be double. He actually did it worse than Nava--at least Nava wasn't all the way back at second. Anyway it didn't matter as the ball cleared the fence. A couple minutes later, UE was wrapping it up. We had trailed 5-2 after 6 and were leaving men on base left & right, but again we come back to win. We've been behind in 6 of our last 7 wins.

So NESN moved that text survey box over as not to cover home plate. Nice job. But....

Don and Remy had a terrible moment tonight. One of the worst ever. In a tie game with the bases loaded, Victorino ended the sixth on an appealed check-swing strikeout. Shane was pissed, and as NESN went to break they showed a replay, but it was from the useless front-angle. I waited for them to revisit it after the commercial, but no. They had plenty of time for a promo about fee-free tickets, but no time for a side-angle replay. Didn't bring it up again. The Astros would score three runs, and I was still thinking about how we may have been screwed. And Shane was too, because in the next inning, he gets tossed for jawing at the third-base ump (who called it a swing) from the dugout.

The problem? DON AND JERRY NOT ONLY COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHY HE WAS EJECTED, BUT ALSO DIDN'T KNOW WHAT PLAY WAS BEING ARGUED AND THEN REVEALED THEY HAD NO MEMORY OF IT. Why he was ejected was obvious immediately. Guy jaws back and forth with ump from dugout, gets tossed, happens all the time. But the fact that they had "no idea why" just masks the other thing they didn't know, which is even more obvious, that being the fact that Victorino had obviously been pissed on an iffy call in a huge spot. I watched in horror as Don desperately tried to think of what might have happened in Shane's previous at bat. The two of them wondered if maybe there had been a bad call at some point during the at bat. Finally Don actually says, surely after being told in his ear, that "it turns out" there was a check-swing call that the very ump who he jawed with (duh) had called him out on. "Turns out"! This was a play HE CALLED AS IT HAPPENED. Only after ALL that (about 30 minutes after the play) does Remy tell us that they're gonna do some investigating and see if they've got a side angle. They give us the head-on shot first (?) and then finally give us a side shot, that's actually from much farther back than a true side-angle, which doesn't prove anything, but which makes Remy think it's a swing as he probably has no idea it's not exactly from the side. I don't know who should be fired here, but I'm thinking everyone.

Rays updates in comments.

Rays went up 3-0 in the first and were still rallying, but they had to settle for 3. They had a 3-1 lead still (I believe) when the Astros went up 5-2 on us in the 6th. So it looked like the lead would be a half game. But Arizona eventually would score 3 in the 5th to go up 7-4. In the 7th, the Rays got 4 to get the lead back, but minutes ago, a two-run single put the D'backs back up, 9-8 in the 8th. They left two men on, so hopefully they can shut 'em down in the 9th.
With tying/go-ahead runs on, Longoria DP ends it! Rays lose 9-8! Red Sox 2.5 games up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I forgot to mention Gomes' key dong and key walk before the Drew dong (on which Don said he "waited" for the ball call, when actually he immediately began removing the wrist guard thing).
White Sox sked now fixed. Glad I got the screen shot. If you're wondering, when games are in progress, it says "In Progress," it doesn't give a current score.
"Hate the Drake"

I was watching on the phone with no sound, but it sure looked like Victorino checked his swing. I, too, waited for the replay, even after they came back from break, but nothing. That must have been painful to listen to the guys try to figure out what happened. Yikes.
You better be sending these NESN rants to NESN!
Nah, never mind, they won't care.
How about getting a Twitter account and sending your links via a tweet to Don/Jerry?
Kat--yes, painful was the word I was looking for.

Allan--yeah I'm gonna leave that one alone...I do have a twitter account but I use it strictly for notifications for when I do a new blog post. @rsfpt

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