Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Awesome Thing To Wake Up To

Went to bed knowing we'd lost, and that the Rays were winning 6-0 in the 7th out in Mannywoodn't. Just got up now, went to the scoreboard page FOOLING myself into thinking MAYBE the Dodgers had an amazing comeback win. I scrolled down slowly, saw the Rays had 6, and then verrrry slowly scrolled, saying to myself "seven, seven, seven, seven." And there was a seven! Here's your line score from la-squared land:

It really happened. Rodney's error (it was the classic: pitcher attempts to throw ball to second base and it ends up in the neighbors' yard) capped off the Dodger comeback, and instead of being just a game up, the Red Sox stay 2 ahead in the East.

As for our game, Napoli finally broke out of his swingin'-and-a-missin' streak with a tie-breaking three-run double. But then Kim and I flipped over to Comedy Bang Bang. When we flipped back, we noticed the same guy with pine tar all over his helmet was batting as when we'd left off. Yup, the Royals had batted around. A 6-run 6th turned a 3-run lead into a 3-run def-jam. And that was your final, 9-6.

The Yanks won in extras on a weak dribbler that snuck through the infield, but they're, ya know, 10 games out still. Weird how when they played a team who'd lost 10 in a row, they got swept, but now they play a team who'd won 12 in a row, and they take game one. Tigers better stop effing around and bury them. Balty closes to 4.5 back with their win.

And check out the guy holding the sign in this article. It's supposed to be anti-ARod and pro-classy Yanks, but he includes admitted PED cheat Andy Pettitte in the classy group! And he spells it wrong! That's kinda like the FAN caller yesterday who complained about how "all the teams the Yankees lost to in the playoffs were full of cheats," as if he somehow forgot about the five times they didn't lose with their own cheats!

Peeved. - daddybcat
Let's not forget Fruitbat blowing yet another save!

It's the 9th time in his career he has blown back-to-back save opportunities. I don't know if that counts October 2004!
I don't always have time to follow the details of other teams' results, usually only checking the final results for the standings. When Allan mentioned Fruitbat blowing another save, I thought he meant Fernando Rodney. That guy is definitely a cock-eyed mental case. - daddybcat

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