Saturday, July 27, 2013

What the Crud?

I had on some baseball highlight show last night and saw these fans in Arizona doing whatever it is they're doing. And my question is, What the Crud? What's going on here? The middle guy seems to be in a trance. He looks like my friend Tom Perkins, and fittingly, I could see Tom doing this leg-slap move at a punk show, transfixed by the drumbeat, playing along on his thigh, not wanting to go too crazy knowing the rest of the crowd isn't slamdancing yet, but wanting to let everyone know he is indeed "into it." The only thing missing is his other hand acting as the snare drum, slapping himself up high on the chest.

He also has a towel around his waist, but they are in the "pool area," so that makes sense. Though a pool in a baseball stadium does not.

And what's up with the blonde? Does she have a question?

Is that Bob Odenkirk on the left?

In summary, What the Crud? Is this some special dance they all do out there, like the Oakland A's headbanging thing? The whole thing seems staged. Obviously they knew they were gonna be on, and they all started doing their special "trance beat"/"hand-raise"/"look like Odenkirk" dance on cue. Any ideas?


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