Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Underrated Win

This is one of the ones they'll look back on and say, "that was one of the ones we knew we were gonna look back on," etc.

We went down 5-1 and things looked bleak with the Iron Man on the mound. (Webster looks like a frightened version of my cousin Ethan as a pre-teen. Frightened Ethan = FE = Fe = Iron.) We came back to take the lead, but that lead didn't last one pitch, as Iron Man gave up a game-tying dong to start the next inning. By the time they were ready to take him out, it was so obvious that they had him throw to first over and over, only to have Farrell come out and be denied by the umps, as a pitch hadn't even been thrown since the pitching coach had come to the mound. (Incredibly, the pitch he *had* to throw in order to leave the game was right over the middle, but he lucked out as the inevitable liner was caught by Victorino.)

At that point it was really late already, yet it was only the 3rd inning, a 7-6 game as the M's knocked in a run on Aceves's first batter. But we scored single runs in the next two frames, the go-ahead one coming on a Jackie Bradley Jr. dong in his first game back from AAA. Three insurance runs in the 8th sealed the deal. 11-8 final. A five-dong night for the Red Sox.

The Yanks had lost earlier, so they're now 6 out. The O's drop to 5.5 and the Rays stay 3.5 behind.

I've got more but it's late. Must sleep. Wait till tomorrow. Thanks.

The count was 1-0 when Farrell tried to take out Webster. D&R said he wasn't allowed to take him out since a pitch hadn't been thrown since Nieves had come out, as I said above. But what's with that 1-0 count? I thought that first pitch came AFTER Nieves came out. The play-by-play shows that too but they sometimes put the coaching visits in weird places. I don't know.....
I am a Red Sox fan from Scotland and I have just recently found your blog. Really like it.

Rid Soaks
Cool, thanks!
Rid, you will become obsessed with the blog. You might as well set a comment profile, like I di...oh, wait - daddybcat
Webster did throw a lousy pitch that enticed the Nieves visit & of course Don & Jerry said Farrell couldn't bring in a new pitcher because Webster hadn't thrown a pitch while the graphics clearly showed a 1-0 count.

Also, I will drop over in a faint if anybody ever just calls our rookie OF Bradley.

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