Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Terrible Job, All-Knowing Google

I finally sent in some feedback to Google about this! Above is a screenshot of what happens when you search "Red Sox" on Google. Notice the defunct (2008) logo. Also note that the Padres logo they show went defunct in 2010. I didn't look at every single one, but be assured the Marlins and Blue Jays have their even newer, shiny, promoted, marketing department-backed, I guess, logos up there.

The worst part is, even if/when someone does notice the mistake in these cases, they often just think I mean they should change from "Circle Sox" to "Hanging Sox," and end up going the rest of their lives without knowing that Circle Sox changed from this

to this

The point is, it's okay to use the now-secondary Circle Sox! Just use the current version! I'm telling you, we're ruining the potential "retro" usage of the old one down the line. We're practically five years in to the new and nobody knows about it! How am I supposed to rock a retro Circle Sox t-shirt in 2022 if people still think that's the current logo?

[For new readers: I'm not this mad about just Google doing this, it's everybody, from the Boston Herald to every news station and web site to just about everyone else except for me and like twelve other people on earth.]

Hey, at least they got game time right. - daddybcat

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