Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Sorry Asshole": The Squeakuel

Yankee misery trumps Sox' fall from first place. Because it's not even August. And Yankee misery rules.

I had assumed the Yanks lost 10-1 (CC got shelled again), then I got in the car to make a sour cream & onion chips run for Kim, and I heard Sterling talking about the tying run! In the cruelest of ironies, he was saying how they could get said tying run to the plate IF ALFONSO SORIANO WALKS. Silly Sterling, don't you know anything? Now I admit I had to check the stats to see if maybe our old friend had turned himself into a walk machine over in the N.L. Yeah, no, he didn't do that. (Though I thought it was hilarious when they said he's out-homered the entire Yankee team this month.)

So "Sorry Asshole" swung at the 3-2 pitch and nearly ended the game with a double-play ball, but they only got the one out. I went in and bought the chips, and when I got back, I got to hear whatever other Yankee it was make the final out. They had been down 10-1 in the 8th and lost 10-6, leaving two men on. So that was kinda of a bonus, since I'd already conceded first place to the Rays. This way the Rays show a little shittiness, while the Yanks get to think they'd have this amazing comeback, only to fall short.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, our game, much like the original run of the Sex Pistols, was over as quickly as it began, but unlike said original run, Lackey lacked filth and the Sox offense lacked fury. So the standings are:

Rays --
Us .5
O's 3.5
Yanks 7
The Professor & Mary Ann 13.5

And how sweet is this A-Rod stuff? Again, I keep hearing things like "sad for baseball" and "boring/sick of it." But I say bring it on. Endlessly entertaining and smile-inducing.


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