Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Two important players in Red Sox history have died.

George "Boomer" Scott got an obit from The New York Times (which terribly includes David Wells), after dying most likely from complications from diabetes at age 69. Boomer was part of the Impossible Dream team of '67, and returned to the team in the late '70s just in time for some more magical runs that didn't have quite enough eye-of-newt. Quite a character, the Real Boomer will be missed.

Frank Castillo drowned while swimming in Arizona. I put the "important" status on him because if you're a "new" Red Sox fan, you missed out on the struggles of that juuust-pre-glory era of the early '00s. Frank was out there every fifth day in '01 and '02 and we all suffered along with him. He was able to get his ring in '04, as he briefly rejoined the team for two appearances in April of that year. I always think of Ellis Burks as the guy who'd returned just in time to get what he never got while he was here the first time. But maybe Castillo is more representative of that--he got his ring for appearing in '04, but we'll just say he was really being rewarded for his efforts from a few years before, as we desperately tried to topple the Yankee Roid-pire. Check out this gem he pitched at Yankee Stadium in June '02, to keep us in first place.


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