Monday, July 29, 2013

Presumably Pissed

I hate that we lost on a bad call*, but I morefully hate that Nava couldn't score from second on a ball over the right fielder's head. It would have tied the game in the 8th. I had Castig at the time, and I still don't know why he wasn't more shocked. He acted like guys only go second to third on doubles all the time!

So we're a half game out. It was pretty cool the day before when we jumped into first with the nice win. But I knew we'd win because the Red Sox always win on your wedding day. Now Seattle comes in for three so hopefully we get back to the top spot.

*Like the ump, NESN was out of position. Meaning they never gave us a good replay. There was the first base side angle which had Molina blocking us, and there were two from behind the plate. One of these was the one where they acted like he was clearly safe. But I just wasn't seeing it. The glove was hidden by Nava's leg. So how do we know it wasn't on him? If they'd shown us any other angle, even if it didn't show everything, we could use it for triangulation, like, maybe we could tell how long it takes for him to bring the glove down. Then using that info, we check the other replay and judge it that way. I don't think he was out, and Nava and Farrell acted like it was the worst call in the world, so I guess I'll assume they know what they're talking about and be pissed about this.


TB broadcast...clearly safe. You can also tell by their silence as they go to break.

Friggin ump admitted he blew it after the game.

Thanks, Kat. And thanks for vid, it really does look like he was safe. Nice job by non-NESN having all the right camera angles at the other team's park!

Allan, thanks. I did hear Wake on post-game say Meals "by his own admission" was out of position, but not that he actually admitted he blew the call. That really was horrible positioning, almost like he was trying to get as blocked as possible.

Also, I'm just finding out now it was Sam Fuld. Castiglione had it as Matt Joyce all the way.

Subtle, you are. Congratulations. :)
Ha, thanks!
Ok, so Nava wasn't put in for his base running ability, after all. - daddybcat
Ha, I guess not.

(Sorry I never got to your other comment, I was busy....)

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