Monday, July 01, 2013

O's Sweep Yanks

So the standings look pretty sweet now as we head to July....

RED SOX 50-34 (--)
Baltimore 47-36 (2.5)
Tampa Bay 43-49 (6)
New York 42-39 (6.5)
Toronto 40-41 (8.5)

The Yanks were 11 games over .500 on June 10th, in second place, and now sit just 3 over, in fourth. Back then they were 10 ahead of Toronto, who are now 2 behind them. Joe Girardi was Manager of the Year then too, supposedly, but now he's thrown in the towel, literally, in a moment I terribly forgot to mention here. That was a great image. Who would have thought, "giving up" as the new Yankee Way?

It's funny, people kept saying "there isn't one great team in the division pulling away, so the Yanks don't have to worry." There may not be one great team, but there sure is one terrible team. So they might want to think about worrying.

Beware of O's.

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