Thursday, July 18, 2013

Obtaining Things In The Yard

Zack Hample finished his blog post about his recent World Record, catching a ball from over 1,000 feet high. Fun-ass stuff. (I see the Red Sox still haven't done anything about that outdated logo their affiliate has plastered all over its park.) Zack--and the mastermind behind the logistics of the drop, Mike--were kind enough to invite me to this stunt, but I had to work that day. In a shitty twist, when I arrived at my shift, I found out it was canceled. Oh well. At least I got to be there last year for Zack's previous attempt, which was thwarted by Ma Nature.

In "cat family that lives in our back yard" news, Shoeless Jo Polniaczek had her kittens. Two have disappeared, but one remains and still stays close to its mom. That would be Billy Jo Robidoux. The "dad" has yet to be named but also hangs around with his wife and child. Here's Billy Jo eating some food I gave him (he's much less afraid of people than his parents, he'll even eat from your hand while they hang back), with dad behind him and Shoeless Jo visible on the chair in the final frame:

(Did you notice the fan that almost burned our house down?)

Thanks for the shout out. Wish you were there.


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