Sunday, July 07, 2013

O'Brien Blows Goats

Freakin' O'Brien, in the 8th inning, was talking about how the Red Sox were bearing down on a win, and how we were gonna have the best record in baseball. It's not like it was a 10-run lead.

We went to the 9th up 7-3, and after two failed stand-and-clap-in-the-living-rooms and the score 7-6 with the tying run at 3rd, we finally get a ground ball that's gonna end the game. Except it doesn't end the game because Snyder lobs it over Pedroia's head into right field.

We get out of it, but our bats felt like our stomachs in extras, and in the 11th, Drugs Delaney wins it on a dong.

Something Don and Remy, the worst announcers in baseball, never talked about was how Snyder's throw might not have beaten the guy to the bag anyway. Going to second is "the short way," but it's not necessarily "the easy way." As soon as that ball is hit I'm telling Snyder to go to first with it. Plenty of time there, whereas the guy on first has a lead and is off on contact. He could have set himself and thrown to first and easily ended the game. Instead, he thinks second base, and as he's about to throw, he realizes the runner is almost there. He's forced to rush into throwing on the move, and it goes way, way over Dustin's head. Game tied. Should have been over. We pulled a "Mets when they're playing the Yankees in a year other than 2013."

We left a million men on base, but none of that matters in a game where if a routine play is made, it's a win.

God damnit I can't believe this just happened. Gotta re-mount the equine tomorrow I guess.

That was a tough one to listen to. I was drifting in and out of sleep (listening in bed) and woke again the in the bottom of the ninth to hear that Breslow and UE were warming. My last recollection was that we were up 7-3. Yep, it's still 7-3, but Wilson is stinking it up. But he still has two outs and a guy on first. We've got this. Then everything goes bad. I was wide awake after that...listening to K after K for us.

I'm with you...lobs, hit by pitch, singles...they don't matter much when the game SHOULD HAVE BEEN OVER.

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