Sunday, July 07, 2013

No Runs

You can't W when you don't S. And I'm not saying we definitely would have rallied and won in the 9th had the calls been right, but it stinks that the ump just wanted to go home and called those last two pitches strikes. I mean when you eff up the first one, and the pitcher does that obvious think of throwing to the same spot, you don't call it the same way! Unless you're a power-hungry motherfucker who got picked on in school and never made it past Little League so you'll do anything to make that crowd cheer and then pretend they're cheering for you. And ESPN opted not to show a K Zone on them, nor did they give a replay of Carp's check swing in the same inning. Or talk about it. So let's just get the hell out of Anaheim and head to Seattle with our 4.5 game lead.

Funny, O'Brien said how the forecast for Seattle these next four days is for 80 with no rain. I went to Seattle in July 2004, and got that same week. Apparently they have it every year.


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