Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Less Of That, Moore Of Something Else, Please

Moore was a male dominatrix tonight. That's one where you tip your literal cap and move on to the next night. And look at the positive, which is that the workmanlike one wasn't too shab-tastic. And also the fact that if you'd told me in March that the Rays would have a 21-4-ish streak in July and that at that point the Red Sox would be in first place, I'd have said, "Dude, why are you making up these oddly specific stats? Are you from the future? This is just really fishy, that's all I'm sayin'. No no, I know, it's, no... I'm just... it's cool. But if it turns out exactly that way, I'm gonna have to kill you."

Yanks lose so at least we stay 7 up on them. It's a half on tamper and tuna half on the boyds.

Bad job by YKW on that Escobar at bat late in the game. Crowd was booing him, then cheered as he got brushed back, Remy finally says something about it, and Don surmises that it came from when "a foul ball went in his direction and he did or did not give it to the fans." Uh, I'm guessing he didn't or they wouldn't be so pissed. So then it goes on like that and they never show what originally happened and they never bring it up again despite that it's an ongoing story. Then it gets to 3-2 on him, but they forget to put ball 3 up on their graphic. For a long time. Then it's ball 3, but it's really ball 4. So all this stuff went on but it was almost as if Don and Jerry were busy with other chores the whole time. Does anyone know if the initial incident that caused everyone to get pissed was shown? I missed it if it was. I just boo him because he's a homophobe.

P.S. My pics from that sweet Sunday night game will have to wait another day. It's 2013, so by now it's already old news, but don't be a texting tween, just look at some three-day old news, take a few minutes, and enjoy it. You won't miss anything going on with the Kardashians or your "friends" or whatever. If you do, you'll be better off anyway.


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