Monday, July 01, 2013


I continue to set my "foggiest day I've ever seen" record almost every week. It's cool when the bridge disappears:

Yanks were down 4-3 headed to the 8th. A throwing error tied it, and then they added 6 more runs for a 10-4 win in Minny. Rays and Jays also won, so it's:

US -
O's 2.5
Rays 5.5
Yanks 6
Jays 7.5

O'a are the most dangerous. did the Jays gain a whole game? Did the Sox have phantom extra day off that only counted for the Canooks? - daddybcat
Toronto might have something to say about that. And the Yanks will be buying players this month, I never count them out, that's why I say bury them now, top priority.
Sorry if my standings are off--I always check at the end of the night when some games are updated and some aren't yet, so I always try to account for that but it doesn't always work out.... You'd think could have it update in real time!

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