Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Lead Back Up To 3.5

Fine job by Lackey again! 8 innings. UE with a 1-2-3 save. Snyder with a 3-run double in the 4-1 win.

That Snyder ball was a rocket. But TC said it would be gone in any other park and gone in any other part of this park. Re that second thing: So it hit 30 feet up at a point about 375 feet away. Yet at the 420 mark, the wall is 17-ish feet high. To travel 420, that ball would have had to go 45 feet past the fence had the fence not been there. Just to land at the base of a wall 420 feet away. So you have to tack on even more distance to clear a 17-foot wall at that point. So TC should ask himself, would Snyder's ball have traveled 55+ more feet if it hadn't hit anything? I don't know. Maybe. Tomorrow, we examine the chances of the ball going out of the other 29 ballparks. But don't hold your breath.

Speaking of Snyder, he has two family connections to me. Kinda.

1. He was the guy the Rangers got rid of to make room for Mike Olt at the end of last season. Olt is the grandson of my mom's neighbor. Or nephew. Or something. I keep forgetting.

2. His father was also a major leaguer: Brian Snyder. This guy was in the dice-rolling league my dad and I had around 1989, which has existed on and off through the years. Snyder was a stud pitcher for, I believe, the Wichita Canes (I obviously confused tornadoes with hurricanes), though he could have been the guy Skip Quinn/Guinn replaced in the Denver Rockies' two-man rotation. I mentioned this league once before on this blog, and oddly enough, in the same post I mentioned Kyle Snyder!


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