Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kuroda Of Conformity

Kur was good today. We still coulda won and whatnot. Man, this is a really bad blog post. They're usually better. At least I got this cool lightning picture tonight:

Oh I know one thing I forgot, out of many: Fox spelled White Sox "Whiet Sox" on the screen at one point. OH! And also the Kuroda tag at home plate seemed late, like he slapped it on the foot after it hit home plate. But Fox decided to mock Carp instead of showing a slo-mo close-up.
From the JOS thread, it sounded like Cano was being lazier and showboaty than usual in the field. Figured you'd be all over it.
Ah yes-good call. I was in the car at that point, and was so happy to hear Castiglione call it like it is! He was like, "Cano is all about the nonchalance out there, and it cost him this time" on the grounder. And then there was the play where he "didn't know" a runner actually might be sliding into the base he was covering and he dropped the ball and the guy was safe. Too bad these things didn't lead to a Yankee L.

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