Friday, July 12, 2013

K-Pedey's Sounds of the 90s

It's hard to win a 4-game series when you lose game 1. Even harder when you're down by 4 runs in two of the other games. But we did it, and we upped the discouragement factor in these teams behind us, as they win but don't gain again.

We're the first-half champs in the A.L East! And our series against the A's will crown an A.L. first half champ. Of course these are non-existent titles but we'll take 'em after last year's 90+ losses.

Today's big story was our knuckleballer Steven Wright. It wasn't quite Pedro '99 ALCS, but it was kinda like that. Nice job, Guy With the Same Name as Stephen Wright!

A first in baseball broadcasting on NESN today: First time there's ever been a ground-rule double where we don't actually see the ball bounce over the fence. In fact, we didn't even see it hit the ground, they were so hell-bent on showing that run scoring. They just have no clue. Between Don Burgundy, Remy Fartin', and the Crew, it's starting to feel like Tiger TV. Which was my high school's TV station. Which blew scones. (Although they did a nice job covering Superdance in May '85. But it was all down hill from there.)

Finally saw Inglourious Basterds tonight. (I'm a big Tarantino fan but I'm running a few years behind these days.) I'd like to thank all of you for not telling me in advance about the Red Sox part. It was a nice surprise. Never thought Lansdowne Street would get a mention in that movie. Anyway, it was good. That'll have to pass for my review for now.

Total runs this past series: 15, 19, 15, 15.

Friday night at 10 we start our final series of the first half, with Lackey on the mound.

If I had time, I'd probably make a video clip out of Jeter's return. Picture it like this: Dramatic music. Big bold letters on the screen, one word at a time, "JETER.... IS..... BACK...." interspersed with that sweet slow roller to third that he got credit for a hit on. Classic Jeter.
Mom here:
So nice Mr. Excitement is back, gettin' his job done.
Didya hear Don refer to Safeco Field as Fenway Park? Rem-Dawg comforted him by saying that when he doesn't known an opposing player's name, he says whatever name he can think of.
Actually, the comedian and the pitcher are both Steven, not Stephen.

Our pitcher sure wasn't foolin' around yesterday. (Sorry about that, Jere, couldn't resist.)
Mom--Ha, I missed that, caught middle of game in car.

Q--I always thought those two had different spellings. Thanks.

(I tried replying via ipod touch earlier today but it would not go through no matter how many times I tried. Now I know how you "difficulty with commenting" folks feel.)

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