Monday, July 15, 2013


Some people don't like the HR Derby. But it's just supposed to be a fun thing. And it's a chance to root for Yankees to fail, what more could anyone ask? Speaking of that, Cano hit like -2 dongs and was immediately out. So that was cool.

I also looked for Zack Hample, who said he'd be wearing his Homer Simpson shirt. I didn't watch the whole thing, but I did spot him in round 2 in left field.

The ball has just landed in the deck above him, but you can clearly see Homer. On Zack.

I also spotted his buddy Ben Weil in right field. I'm very proud of myself for this spotting, as you can tell from this video I made:

And here's a ball that totally didn't go 541 feet:

Cespedes was your easy winner. Put on a nice show, and we didn't have to hear about how he'll definitely become a Yankee soon.

Random pic I took in Newport tonight, for your V.P.:

So where was I? Oh right, that last game that I never talked about. Nice joRb by Workman nearly throwing a no-hitter. And it was a tough extra-innings loss, but, as usual this year, it was the kind of loss you could live with. We're 6 up on the Yanks (who lost a home series to the Twins!!!!!!) at the break, 2.5 up on the 2nd-place club. I Mos Def would have signed for that on March 32nd this year.

Tomorrow night is the 30th Allstarversary of my all-time favorite All-Star Game, the '83 MS Classic. I know, you've heard THAT story before. But I'm sure I'll re-tell it tomorrow.

Jere, we broke the record last Saturday in Lowell. Missed you there

I had to work. What stinks is that when I arrived for my shift, it got canceled. Oh well. I'm just glad he (and you) got the deed done!

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