Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Da-mon After My Own Heart

Anybody who likes the Red Sox and Huskers is okay with me! (Presuming they're not a murderer or racist or somehow also a Yankee and Sooner fan or something.) Kim had found an article about how Matt Damon had attended a student/parent orientation at the U. of Nebraska this year (when my mom and I went to mine in 1993, I saw a "Tornado Shelter Area" poster and thought it was the name of a band on a concert flier! But no, they really have those), but now my friend (not cousin) Kara has found this, the holy grail, Damon in a Sox shirt and Husker hat, a combo I have worn many times in my life. Nice job, everybody!

Now, in honor of Matt Damon, let's go down MemLane and look at my posts from 2007 when I took pictures of him filming on the streets of New York right outside where I worked at the time. (Man, that top post title is a stretch even for me, going for a play on the "stuff those sorries in a sack, mister" line.)

(Photo above courtesy People magazine)


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