Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Crazy night in the A.L. East. Sox have nail-ass-biter against the Rays, it's not secured until we put up three insurance runs in the 8th for the 6-2 win. Thornton, Tazawa, and Uehara give up zilch in relief of Lester who only gave up 2 over 6.333333. We extend the lead to 1.5 over Tampa. (My 10-5 prediction for this game? I give it a B-.)

Baltimore had the tying run at third with nobody out in the 9th, but somehow can't score. They lose to KC 3-2 and fall 3.5 back.

The Yanks blew a 3-0 and were down a run going to the ninth, but Nathan gave 'em two runs, Yanks win 5-4, so they stay 7 out.

And the Yanks' neighbors to the south had an 8-3 lead at home against the Dodgers after six, but lost 10-9, leaving the tying and winning runs on base in the 9th. The pre-season faves are now 14.5 behind.

PS Did anyone else see that crazy pickoff move by a Rays pitcher tonight? I'm gonna do a video about it. Don and Jerry were clueless....
Wasn't that Iggy's second high hop hit over third base since the ASB? Or was the first one hit by someone else? - daddybcat
Yeah in the Sunday game, also a key hit.

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