Friday, July 05, 2013

Broom Of Independence

Today was the mid-year Twilight Zone Marathon. And Syfy did that thing again: they showed The Midnight Sun at midnight. Which is a great episode--and also, I think Norma is hot. And cool. GET IT?

In baseballic news, it was close for a little while today, but the Red Sox eventually pulled away to complete the sweep of the Saint Dave Dads. Allen Webster's career win total was born on the 4th of July.

Balty lost, so our lead is now 4.5! We're just a half-game away from the best record in all of baseball. (When I turned on the radio to try and get some post-game action, I heard that know-nothing John Rider saying repeatedly that we have the best record in baseball. I have to assume he made that 2nd grade [and I mean the dumber kids in 2nd grade] mistake of looking at which number in the win column is highest and assuming that means "best." But yes, John, we do have the most wins, for what that's worth.)

So I guess the only reason that Puig wouldn't be an All-Star is if it's decided he just hasn't played enough. If he is named, shouldn't Iglesias, also a .400 hitter who's played a lot more, be named to the AL squad? I don't hear anyone clamoring to get him on there no matter what. Then again I don't listen to a lot of people. Iglesias did win Rookie of the Month, so that's cool.

DVR'd the entire "Twilight Zone" marathon, Jere. Though of you all day as well. Had to make room on the DVR, but it's well worth it. And I never realized that the "Midnight Sun" episode is always shown by SyFy at midnight every year in both marathons until you pointed it out a while back. BTW, picked up a new bio of Rod Serling by his daughter Anne recently, "As I Knew Him". Well worth picking up.

And Allen Webster will be a stud starter down the road...

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