Saturday, July 06, 2013

Awesome Late Game Recap

Top 8, 12:49 a.m. on the east coast, Sox up 3-2, Papi pinch hits with first base open, they elect to pitch to him...and he launches one. And the West Coast Sox Contingent goes crazy. I just turned up the sound and enjoyed. Even the visitors' dugout cop was lovin' it! That makes it 5-2, and we win 6-2, our fifth in a row. It's a 5.5-game lead! Biggest division lead in all of baseball!

In the inning before Papi's dong, we broke the tie when Josh Hamilton let a shallow fly bounce off his glove. That guy has problems. Now normally I think of "______, you suck!" as the least creative heckle in baseball. (The second worst is, "______, go back to [city he previously played in]!") But in this case, Hamilton missed such an easy chance, even as he looked the ball right "into" his glove, in such a key spot, allowing the go-ahead run to score, that I thought it was perfect when NESN cut to a shot of some Sox fans cheering, with the guy on the left so happily yelling "the line." It was so fitting. I loved it. Here it is:

Post-Papi dong, we had Tazawa in bottom 8 throwing to Trumbo with a man on and two out. It got to 3 and 2, and then Trumbo fouled off three in a row. Earlier, Taz had blown a fastball by him, so I called for a heater up high. I got it, Trumbo swing and missed, and that was your inning. Napoli tagged one to center for an insurance dong in the 9th, and Koji got a 1-2-3 save. The Doubie Brother went 6.66 for the win.

Earlier in The Bronx, Jim Johnson came in to close out a one-run game. After a leadoff single, he botched a sac bunt that went right to him. Easy play. But he effs it. Then Ichiro lays down the worst bunt ever where the guy should have been thrown out at third, but the O's had their third baseman charging, so they had to go to first with it. An intentional BB to Cano set up a potential game-ending DP, but Johnson goes and walks in the tying run. On four goddamn pitches. Does this type of Yankee "rally" sound familiar? Then Wells came up and got one through the left side to score the winning run from third. But despite my cursing and such, it was all a trick! The Yanks were fooled into helping us out, as we extend our lead on the division to 5.5. Suckers....

Saturday night at 10:05 it's Dempster against Jerome Williams, who gave up 7 runs in one inning three days ago.


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