Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Few More From Last Night

1. Let's start with the fan reaction of the game. Woman catches ball in lap, man (maybe her son?) at left is in total shock:

2. Snyder's play on the first play of the game was huge. If Gardner beats that out, they might manny a run there and start believing in themselves. Instead they go down one two three and we fire the first salve regina.

3. That car racing guy they had in the booth, wow. I wanted to blow my head off. To me, "Loudon" means "Nikki Finn's love interest in Who's That Girl?" Anyway, shortly after that fiasco, Jonny Wad Gomes looked at strike three right over the middle and walked immediately to the dugout. Our Favorite Stunod, Don "Burgundy" Orsillo, somehow thought Gomes disagreed with the call and thought he had ball four before getting the bad news. Remy took over and called it correctly, saying Gomes knew it. At which point they go silent for about 60 seconds except for some squealing bursts of laughter that seep through the cough button's protection. I have to assume they were joking about how Don called it wrong and Jerry just ignored him and called it right without even acknowledging Don's mistake. But who knows....

4. When Nunez thought there were three outs and started running off the field, we never saw it. They kept showing B-Lil, who got stuck holding the ball. After two replays showing just him and then a live shot still showing just him, it finally occurred to the truck that they were showing the wrong guy, and cut to Nunez in time to see him say "my bad" with a hand-to-chest-ure. Thankfully, in this one extremely rare case, we had Don telling us what went on.

5. Another no-see-um was on an inning-ending play where Papi was forced at second. Cano got the ball, started to ruin off the field while looking back at Papi, and then flipped the ball to him. Papi was off screen at that point so no one would know this. But he had to be flipping it to him, as no one else would have been in that spot. Not some crucial moment they missed or anything, but a light-hearted Papi moment that would have been nice to see. (It's always weird when a player in a helmet touches the ball, too.)

6. Yanks' lineup card on their dugout wall: Hard to tell, but, OLD LOGO.


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