Friday, July 19, 2013


Red Sox now 7 up on Yanks after 4-2 W. Ellsbury goes deep off Pettitte to start game, Jonny Wad with a no-doubter of his own to make it 3-0. Yanks score twice but Iglesias insurance ribbie extends the lead late. Doubie rolls, Taz mania, Breslow gets out of jam after throwing meatball on 0-2 pitch to Cano, and Koji saves it. Biggest lead over Yanks since the last days of the '08 season. (I'm pretty sure.)

I thought it was odd that Don wouldn't note that Overbay's double leading off the fifth was the first Yankee hit.

I loved seeing Gardner get pissed and get himself tossed over a called strike that was in the zone. This is a team notorious for having John Squat on the bench, and he goes and O'Neill's it right in front of the ump. And this was right around the time Curses Zoiled Again was leaving the game--he's been sent to the DL.

Speaking of injuries, how did Don/Jerry not notice Victorino going so slow down the line? That shouldn't have been a double play! We knew he'd been having issues, but after 4 days off he was in the starting lineup, limps to first, and they don't even speculate! Sure enough, he was pulled from the game.

Tampa and Balty won so they keep pace. 2.5 and 4.5 out. Re-effin'-spectively.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Yanks? They play in Boston and Texas, come home for the Rays, then go out to the west coast. After that, they should be double-digits behind, but you never know what kind of hit-by-pitch-and-balk-fueled winning streaks they've got waiting up their asses to pull out. Fortunately they've got company in the wild card race--Baltimore and Texas are ahead of them for the final spot and they're tied with Cleveland. These other teams really should be able to make it a Yankee-free October.


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