Thursday, July 11, 2013


You early birds lucked out, as you got to go to bed mid-game pretty much knowing it was a win. It was 5-0 Sox after 4, and 9-0 after 6. The only slight drama was in the 8th when Brandon Workman made his major league debut, and the M's cut it to 9-4 and had a man on second and two outs. A dong would have made it 9-6, and we had already removed the top four hitters in our lineup. But the blue-collar kid struck out the next guy, and after two insurance runs made it 11-4, he did a fine job of settling down and pitching a 1-2-3 ninth. Doubront threw 7 innings of one-run ball for the win.

Papi is still on fire. In the second, he started our first rally with a double, which set the all-time record for hits by a DH. That rule started two years before I was born, so I take it as a special "since Jere was born" type record. One which may never be broken with the current state of the DH. The next inning, Ortiz hit a mega-dong to give us a 4-zip lead. The thing I don't like about Papi, as you know, is how he Cano's down the line all the time. Tonight, it bit him in the buttocks, as the fielder bobbled his grounder, but had time to get him by inches at first. Had he been running the whole time, he reaches base. (NESN botched the coverage--after several replays not showing Papi running, despite Remy mentioning it, they finally started to show it, only to have to cut away in the middle for the next pitch. Did they go back and show it in full? Of course not. Classic NESN.)

I should point out that Seattle DOES use the current Red Sox logo on their on-deck circle! Nice job. But much like Ortiz loafing it makes Jeter look better when he's merely doing what you're supposed to do, I shouldn't have to give credit for a team knowing a logo changed five years into its existence. But I'll take what I can get.

Fan of the day, this kid:

The winning team has scored 11 runs in each game of this series. Thursday is the fourth and final game. 3:40 eastern. The standings didn't change as all five A.L. East teams won tonight.

Bonus Don Burgundy video I finally got around to making a few weeks late:

Nice job by Ortiz to get into the stands and catch that GRD. - daddybcat

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