Monday, June 03, 2013

You Awake?

After many delays, the game is called early, but any modern-day Yankee fan can tell you the Red Sox were gonna win anyway. Final: Boston 3, New York (AL) 0. Buchholz gave up nothing, and Iglesias and Ortiz went yaardsma. (ESPN elected not to show a replay of where the Ortiz ball went, instead electing to attempt to stir up fake controversy by showing Papi's swing/bat toss twice in super slo-mo, which to me looked like almost every other home run reaction he's ever done and took up about a second of our valuable time.)

So we took 2 out of 3, and the Yanks have now lost 7 of 8 to fall into a third-place tie with Tamper, 3 out of first. Balty is 2.5 behind.

Earlier in the day, Chan and I went to the Paws game, and saw Rubby give up two solo dongs but not much else over 4.2. Mitch Maier hit a massive dong for the Lil' Red Sox. The attendance was 6902. It could have been a nice even 6900. But we had to ruin it. I'm still pissed that everybody stands for GBA after the 6th, but nobody stretches during TMOTTBG. I don't mean "they don't stand until they're reminded," like at Fenway, I mean they just don't have a "stretch" at all. At least they play the song. Three rounds of it, in fact.

You've probably talked about it here somewhere, but I don't remember. Anyone know what's up with the unbuttoned jerseys? Even saw it in a minor league game Friday, so it's starting to spread. My brother-in-law has watched a grand total of two games this season and texted me two things last night. He likes the new players but thinks the Red Sox as a whole are the sloppiest dressers. - daddybcat
Napoli was the guy who was doing it before he got here, and I believe in a very early game after he got a key hit, Ortiz honored him with the "one unbuttoned" and a few other guys did it too and it took of from there.
Is the Ted Kluszewski look outlawed by MLB?

Also, after the top of the 7th, I start scratching - getting that mixed up with the 7 year itch.
You mean the sleeves? I suppose if you're on a team with a sleeveless jersey you could eschew the undershirt.

Also, I WILL send you your SB contest prize. One of these days. I keep...not doing it. But I will.

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