Monday, June 03, 2013

Why Do People Forget That Buchholz Was Already Good?

The recap of last night's game started by saying how his recent injury "wasn't nearly enough to derail Clay Buchholz during the most magical run of his career".

Why does everybody forget that in 2010 he was one of the league's best pitchers? Check his gamelogs from that year and you'll find stretches of magic that are definitely comparable to the one he's currently magician-ing. Then he got injured and missed a lot of 2011. Then he had an effed up 2012, sure, and he wasn't the only one. But it's no surprise to me that he's back to Classic HH form.

Completely unrelated note: I kept hearing how the Mets swept four from the Yanks. But shouldn't we be counting those Interleague home-and-homes as two separate series? You could say that they swept the season series, but I think the four games should be counted as two consecutive sweeps, one home series sweep and one away series sweep. Because if you refer to that as a four-game series, do you count it in your home series or your away series? Or a separate category for mixed series? The answer is you don't do any of that, you just consider every group of games against another team in a given ballpark a "series." Plus, it's cooler to think the Mets swept the Yankees twice in a row.

PeteAbe notes: "Buchholz has the lowest ERA after 11 starts for a Red Sox pitcher since Pedro Martinez had a 1.44 after 11 starts in 2001."

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