Saturday, June 29, 2013

WEEI: You Thought Your Team Was Terrible And You Only Follow Them When They're Good

You know how I don't listen to WEEI anymore? Well I still hear snippets, like when I turn the car radio on and it's still on that station from having the game on the night before. Stuff like that. But judging by what I hear every time I catch a listen, I can tell this blog would be an hourly rippage of it if I still tuned in regularly.

So yesterday's random moment was hearing Holley and that new guy giving that age-old crap about how "you haven't paid attention to your team for three months since you're only paying attention to the other sports that are going on." And that was followed by how maybe, just maybe, because they're in first place, you might only now be thinking about putting "both feet in" in regards to your baseball team's season.

Do these people know they're talking about Red Sox fans? How is it that their opinion of us is that we skip the first three months of the season, then check the standings, and, if and only if the team has a chance to succeed, decide to root for them? And don't they know that people who really like basketball and hockey have multiple ways to avidly follow the Red Sox in 2013 while keeping up with those other sports?

Then they went on to talk about the reasons why "we thought they'd be terrible" this year. When Joy of Sox did his annual W-L record prediction contest, 56 people entered. You know how many of those people predicted the Red Sox would have a sub-.500 record? TWO. And these are people who, based on the game-thread board there, aren't exactly sunshine/rainbow types. I think it's a good sample size, showing that Red Sox fans as a whole clearly did not think this team would be "terrible."

So terrible job by the morons at that station. I got all that from hearing about 3 minutes of them.


Good stuff from last night: Drew's brother is knocking the b off the all. .364/.400/.667 over his last nine games. Hope his hamstring is okay.

Allen Emmanuel Lewis is starting to get comfortable. And he looks like my cousin Ethan when he was 12.

I think we showed, like, resiliency or something, the last two nights, staving off comebacks by the potent potable surging TorontOffense.

Good job by Jonny Wad Gomes coming off the bench and delivering the tie-breaking hit late. (Even though it kinda coulda been an inning-ending DP.) I bet he loved Fenway standing and cheering leading up to that pitch. Gotta love those moments.

UE got his third save in as many games. But he's awesome, so why wouldn't he?

Bad stuff:


Today at 4:05, it's game 3, Fe(nway Park)lix against Rogers (Centre).

Wow, I got a spam comment within a minute of posting this entry. I still get about 5-6 of those a day, down from around 25 a few weeks ago. I don't know how Blogger, with it's new anti-spam technology, is allowing this....

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