Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Randoms

1. A few weeks back, Suzyn Waldman was drooling all over the then-scrappy Yankees on Mike Francesa's show. She had Overbay's entire upper body in her mouth as Mike asked her about the story of his spring training release from the Red Sox and short trial with the Yanks that led to his eventual .282 OBP glory. Now people, I remember when Overbay got off to his good start and had some key hits, and being very pissed at him for shitting the bed for us to the point where we sent him off to what could have been his retirement. So I was shocked to hear Suzyn say "he was hitting .300" when he was cut from the Red Sox. Boy did I feel like a fool. Maybe it was our own fault, not Overbay's. All he did was hit .300 for us and get tossed aside like...wait a minute. Let's look this up.


.220! Just as I suspected... I will give it to him for a .327 OBP over that same time--he only needs to add 45 points to his current OBP to get back to that level! Anyway, terrible job, Suzyn, on that big lie.

2. Have you been following the NL Central? I only check the standings to see how we're doing in the "best record in baseball" race, and for a long time now, I've noticed the Reds and Pirates running neck and neck behind the Cards. As it turns out, since May 3rd, they've been going back and forth between second and third place, never more than 2 games apart from each other. With both of them within four games of first that whole time. (They've also been within 2.5 games of each other ALL YEAR regardless of what place they're in.) So every day for a month and half, that division's had the Cards in first, with the Reds and Pirates within four of first and two of each other. It wasn't my imagination that those standings seem identical every single time I look at them.


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