Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stranger Than Fictitiousness

Dear Person,

Did I ever tell you about the time Chan and I were watching the credits roll after some movie or show (might have been a Louie episode), and we noticed a typo in the line about the people and events being fictitious? I really should have. But I think I forgot. Anyway, after that we started noticing the same mistake in other movies and shows. The paragraph is obviously getting cut/pasted all over the place, with nobody noticing the error in it.

And I guess it's still "going around," because Kim and I watched a movie called The Words tonight, and here's what we saw:

See the typo?

How about now?

Ficticious! That's not how that word is spelled!

We should make a list of movies with the incorrect spelling. Or you should, or something. Okay fine, me.

To lighten the mood, here's a screenshot of Papi and Victor I got from NESN on Sunday:

Sox/Rox, 7:10. I predict a 9-3 win.

That's interesting, I wonder if they're all coming from a common production company, or if there is a template in some editing software that everyone uses with the misspelling. The Words looks like it came from some pretty small-time production companies, so I doubt that they could be responsible for it. (Incidentally, despite the fact that everyone uses that phrase, it has absolutely no legal effect.)

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