Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sox Win At Least Once

The Red Sox played 17.5 innings today, over two games. The Mets played 20. In one game. And another game went 18 innings too.

Our second game was the "good one." BucHHolz remained undefeated, but left early with a tight neck. His ERA went up to 1.71. With it being a national game, we got the old-school awesome down-low view, so refreshing. But it meant we couldn't tell if Lindsay Bucking-hholz was in the stands behind the plate. The game was mildly close until Papi hit a prodigious dong in the 6th to make it 7-2, and that was your final.

Game one was similar but opposite. It was close (and we stranded a million runners and kept whiffing on Tommy Something's slowball) until the Angels finally pulled away for a Dabney Coleman/Dolly Parton loss.

Yanks won, so we lose a half-game on the day. The lead is 1.5. We still have the A.L.'s best record, and only two N.L. teams are ahead of us.

Hilarious moment today in game one. After the second out of an inning, Don thought it was the third. Humans make mistakes. What Don did wrong, though, was look down at his scorecard and start wrapping up the inning, while the rest of us watched the players remain on the field. Then the music started playing! Finally he notices, and even admits that Cafardo (droning in for Remy) was waving his hands at him. After Don tried to act like it was the music's fault (it started playing AFTER he started wrapping up the inning, making him a liar), Nick made a comment that maybe watching the game is a better way to tell if the inning's over. I wasn't able to record this, and I doubt it'll make it into Sox in 2, so if anybody has MLB.TV and wants to put this on YouTube (or give me their name and password so I can do it), feel free. I think it was bottom 5. Don is just borderline useless at this point. I don't know what he's doing up there. And Remy, jeez, you know you're in trouble when Nick Cafardo seems like Vin Scully compared to you.

One thing I did record was this Don moment:

And NESN continues to delay the cut to the field cam after a batted ball to the point where we're not seeing fielders field the ball on plays. (Same with pickoff throws and catchers throwing to bases, of course.) And these aren't line drives. They stay with the damn pitch cam so long that we see the hitter take 3-4 steps out of the box before they make the cut. I'm still wondering how they EVER screw this up, let alone do it almost all the time. Batter hits ball, press button. Don't make me pull this broadcast over!

Sunday at 1:35, it's Dempster against Blanton, who hasn't walked a guy in his last three starts, in the raincoat rendezvous.


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