Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sox Force Another Opponent To Walk Off

What a win. As per my tradition, when UE blUE the save, I still said, Well now if we win it'll be in fun fashion. And we did, as Victorino's grounder goes off the leg of "the tool" in the bottom of the 9th for a 5-4 victory. We take 3 of 4 from the formerly surging team with the bandwagoniest fans north of New York.

If the O's can beat the hO's tonight, NYY will drop to 4th place. If not, we'll have a 3.5 lead over Balty.

So things are lookin' effin' good going into July! Fourth Red Sox team ever to have 50 wins in June. (Though using the calendar for stats is always weird since the season doesn't always start on the same date, etc.)

Fine job by the following:

Snyder. Guy comes out of nowhere and gets two key hits and makes a nice play at third.

Gomes. Another Esasky-esque Wall Ball for a key RBI.

All pitchers. Some minor eff-ups, and Uehara's major one, but overall they kept this one under control. Incredible job by Demp and Brez getting out of the bases-loaded, no-out jam in the 6th, with us up by 2.

Don Burgundy stuff:

Funny when he lost his monitor--but that's the last thing we need. Fortch it didn't last long, and his only error in that time was calling a bloop a liner.

Didn't you think Nava's problem on the messed up DP was that he couldn't get a grip on the ball? Don never saw that (since he's blind) and blamed the high hop, and Remy noted an "extra crow-hop step" but still didn't realize that was done because he couldn't make a clean transfer.

Classic Don--pop up that he calls foul, but it lands fair. Later, same thing happens, and he does it again. I gotta make a vid on that one.... And speaking of his trademark gun-jumping, once he did it on a grounder intot he stands. He said the ball went "in..." (he was gonna say it was in the dugout) "and over the dugout." He's always gotta do that awkward audible, right? But I'm like, Don, it's a grounder foul. It's bad enough you call actual fair balls before they happen and eff it up, why not just relax on the completely meaningless ones and then tell us where it went? Once you've got that down, use the same practice during real plays.

The Thole thing was funny, especially when Don admitted "I just called him a tool!" But come on, this guy's been in the league a while.

Don called Iglesias "Izturis," but I guess the names are close, and at least it was a play where both guys were involved. Still gotta give him a "TJ" on that, though.

And finally, it was a walk-off, so I gotta say a few things. Don fooled me into thinking he'd learned, but fell back into his old ways seconds later. (Of course he's not alone in this as nearly 100% of people involved in the sport are confused.) Then TC started noting things like "and the Blue Jays take the long walk back to the clubhouse" and "and Janssen walks off...". You'd think this would seep into his brain! "Hey, I keep describing the losing team WALKING OFF the field, I wonder if that's why.... nah, RED SOX WALK OFF WITH A WIN!"


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