Monday, June 10, 2013

Some Vids

I won't do all the pissy complaining ones now. Instead I'll do these:

1. This guy made a nice play on a flying bat.

2. Here's a funny moment. NESN tries to fool us into thinking TC's 6th-inning game break is live. But clearly it was recorded before the game, as Yawkey Way wouldn't be completely packed with people in the 6th inning. And though I didn't need any more proof than that, I happened to notice the same fan inside the park and (supposedly) on Yawkey Way at the same time, proving it was not a live game break!

3. And below is a two-parter I made about some fans catching home run balls today. I made the first before the second play happened, and I made the second before they finally went to Jenny Dell to say that they indeed noticed what happened. But I still think I'm right that Don didn't notice, or he would have said something at the time. (I love how Jenny acts like she's giving us some info we didn't know--yeah, some of us were paying attention at the time....)

Also, terrible job to NEVER INTERVIEW THE GUY! Jenny just says "he's probably having a pretty good day." TJ.
Good call. You'd think on a day when they were looking for all this non-game stuff to talk about, they would have gladly taken that opportunity to get that guy's life story.

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