Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pressure-Free Win

At what point in this blog post did you think I'd mention how my 9-3 prediction was really close to the 11-4 final?

A. Right away
B. After the game wrap
C. At the end
D. After a short multiple choice asking when you thought I'd mention it
E. After a multiple choice AND a line that says "If you guessed x, you're x."

If you guessed E, you're wrong! Because the answer is A.

Everybody contributed in our 20-hit attack, and Demp did what he had to do. We take game one and go for the sweep Wednesday night.

MLB.com's box score currently ends at the 7th, with an X in the bottom of the 7th. We're in late June and that bug incredibly isn't fixed yet.

I love how that Rockies player, whose name starts and ends with O, wears #0. And then another guy came into the game, Outman, and his number is 88, which is really four little Os.

Jays were the only A.L. East team to lose, so we're still up 2.5 on NYY and BAL, and 4.5 on TAM. TOR now 6.5 out.

But let's talk about the play of the game! I thought I was a Fenway wall aficionado. I thought I knew all the controversial spots. But somehow I never thought about how the top of the center field fence, in that little spot at the camera well, extends back, and therefore could have a ball hit there and, should it amazingly bounce BACK toward the field, NOT be a home run. But it happened tonight. The reason for the weird bounce was "the junk," aka some bubbling up paint on that crappy surface. Drew's ball came down right there, and came back and to the left, landing on the field for a triple.

Don and Remy predicted the umps, after a really long video replay delay, would say homer. I said no way. Because even though it should* be a homer, how can you call it one when there's no rule regarding that spot? Ball hit top of wall, came back. No dong.

*There's a piece that runs along the top of the wall, and beyond that should be a home run. In that one spot, though, there's a flat surface behind it at the same level. Long ago that should have been either lowered or raised or had the screen extended to cover it up. And something like that will probably happen now. So Drew hit what in the future will be called a dong. But he doesn't get one here. I may have to draw a diagram.... [Update: Diagram.]

I guessed "A" so I'm psyched. Didn't see the game, so a diagram of Drew's non-dong would be appreciated here...
Haha, nice, I just finished it......

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