Thursday, June 27, 2013

Opening It Up

3.5-game lead over Yanks and Balt now. That's the second-biggest division lead in baseball. Lackey was what he isn't, or wasn't what he is, or something, again, and UE got the save to close out our 5-3 win, completing a 2-game sweep of Colorado.

By the runs scored/allowed, our "expected" number is 16 games over .500, while the Yanks' is 1 under. So if you're into that kind of thing, we "should" be much further ahead of them. Hopefully they're truly toast now and quickly fall as far behind as they're supposed to be.

Pittsburgh tied St. Louis for first in the NLC--those two are the only teams with a better record than ours.

Heard Castig tonight say that last night's controversial triple should have been a homer but the umps "missed it." Though I agree that things should have been done long ago to ensure that balls hit to that spot ARE called dongs, I still say the umps did what they had to do.

Thursday night, it's the first of four at Fenway with Toronto.


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