Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Near-Perfect Night

A-Rod could be suspended for 100 games. A lot of people use the terms "sad" and "boring" when they hear news like this. I'd just like to say that I'm quite happy and excited.

On the field tonight, we kicked Tex-ass. 17-5. The most exciting part was seeing if we'd join the small club of teams to score in all of the innings they batted in. Allan Wood probably had the celebratory post written already. We had scored in the first seven frames, and who came in to pitch the 8th, but David Murphy! The first batter doubled. So we basically had three chances to hit a single off an outfielder. It was a done deal. Except that it wasn't. Murphy escaped the inning unscathed. Our final linescore: 261 114 20x.

Congrats to Jackie Bradley on his first MLB dong. Over the bullpens! (Did anybody ever figure out if Jenny Dell was on drugs when she said he was Jackie Wilson's grandson? In fact, she also said he was a distant cousin of Michael Jackson, and I see that nowhere online either. Maybe he was just effing around when he filled out his "about me" for NESN....)

The Ortiz hustle-triple followed immediately by a sprint home on a sac fly with bonus mock "I'm really tired" pose and Florida Evans grin was awesome.

When their outfielder went into the bullpen on a dong, Orsillo watched the replay and said how the guy went over "...with it," as if he thought, even that much later, that he actually caught the ball. I'm starting to think he just needs glasses at this point. He also did another classic gun-jump (I've got three of those I'm gonna put up online soon), but, again, it really might be that he just can't see. Don and Sterling should make a co-appointment.

Yanks won. Aviles was pissed about a bad call in the 9th with Cleveland down by one, and got ejected. But the world has decided to focus on the fact that he got ejected after the game ended, instead of showing us the bad call! Even Indians dot com, in its article about the play, only shows the actual ejection and not the thing Aviles was arguing about. So stupid. If anybody finds the vid of the call in question, let me know. Thanks.

So we're still 2.5 up. Only the Rangers (who we beat by 12 tonight, as clearly noted above), Cards, and Braves have a better record than ours.

[Dempster in a USPS hat courtesy NESN.]

Had to laugh how when Texas are considered to have a better record than us (which they do) based on nothing more than percentage points you give them credit but when the Yankees were above us on percentage points the other week you called us tied atop the division.;-)

Ha, good catch.

(I do kinda screw the Pirates, though, as they have the same record as us, but it's not BETTER. As I type this, I hear a loud siren/alarm. Is my city on fire? What's going on????)
And here's my answer: It's a drill.

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