Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Laugher Ruined. Then Salvaged, Ruined Again, And Salvaged Again.

Holy ESS. Weirdest game of the year. If you didn't stay up, here's what went down:

We go up 6-0 in the first before an out is made, against their fine pitcher A. Cobb. Maddon does that thing where he just acts like nothing's wrong, keeps him in for a full appearance. The Red Sox end up not scoring again for hours and hours. Meanwhile Lackey is slowly giving back the 6 runs. The Rays finally tie it on a wild pitch with 2 outs in the 8th.

Top 10, 2 out, 2 on, Salty delivers with a 2-run single. Were' up 8-6. Bailey comes in for the save.

Instead, Bailey shits all over the room. Home run. Walk. Walk. Single. Walks in the tying run. So now it's tied and Tampa has 'em loaded with nobody out. But incredibly, Bailey lucks out and gets three outs on two pitches. 5-2-3 easy DP, followed by a bad bunt attempt that Pedroia makes a nice play on to end the frame. We survive to play another inning.

We get to the 14th, now having used all our pitchers, including guys who weren't available and guys who are starting in two days. Nava comes through with a ribbie single, and Salty gets one of his own with two outs for an insurance run. 10-8 SOX.

Bottom 14 starts with a single, but after a fly out, Morales gets a tailor-made DP ball, and it's over. We HAD to win this game, and somehow, after five and a half hours and 14 innings, we did. Wowzers, Penny.

I left out a lot. You shoulda been there. So we're 2 up on NY, 3.5 on Balt., 5 on Tamp., 12 on Tor.

In closing, below is a video of another lame-tastic thing done by your pals at NESN. They showed a little montage of Fenway fan footage to talk about the sellout streak, as tonight's "honorable moment." And in that montage...a shot of Phillies fans! In Philadelphia! How in the world.... oh right, because it's NESN. I mean it's one thing to show close-ups of Jim Rice in the batter's box at Yankee Stadium, then cut to wide shot of him homering at Fenway, during a Rice montage. It's another to specifically pay tribute to Fenway fans and show a different ballpark.

One thing I left out was the pop-up to the mound where Tazawa, like most pitchers, decides he's afraid to catch it, so Pedroia runs in and makes a sliding catch, with the ball almost hitting the ground. This was with two outs and a man on second after the Rays tied it in the 8th. Did Don/Cafardo even conSIDer whether or not the runner would have scored? No. We didn't see the runner. Finally on a close-up replay, we HAPPEN to see the runner between third and home as Pedroia's catching the ball, so yes, he would have scored the go-ahead run.

And on the wild pitch that tied it, I was so pissed at Taz for not getting the throw and slapping the tag down. Instead he kind of waited to see if the guy would slide, then put down a late, high tag, and the game was tied.

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