Sunday, June 16, 2013

"I Thought Maybe They Had Changed The Rules Or Something"

Even though I don't think the guy thought there were two outs, I can't resist using Elaine's quote.

Don and Eck said Casilla was "clueless" and that "obviously" he forgot how many outs there were. But if you watch the replays (that they were watching too, presumably), you can see he's acting like a runner who knows there aren't two outs: he starts running, looks out to the outfield while still running but not at full speed, decides the ball's gonna drop in, and bolts, thinking he's gonna round second and pick up the third base coach to see if he's gonna score or stay at third. But the second he looked away from right field, Victorino got a beat/bead on the ball and made the catch, and the doubling off was an afterthought.

Had the guy thought there were two outs, he would have dropped his head and sprinted until somebody told him to stop. No need to look out at the ball and hesitate.

I didn't watch the post-game so I don't know what others said, or what Don/Eck said later after they'd watched it a few more times, but the guy himself said it was just a "bad read" anyway. Regardless of all this, it was a terrible job by Casilla for not being absolutely sure before dropping his head.

So we get a much-needed win B.T.S.O.O.T., and it's back to a 2.5-game lead, 4 over the Yankees, who lost their fifth straight tonight in Anaheim. The Rays are 5 back, and the Jays have won 4 in a row and are 9.5 behind. O's and Texas are your two wild cards at the moment.

Sunday afternoon we try to win yet another series-finale.


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