Friday, June 28, 2013

Glass Half Full, Mofos

The bad way to look at tonight:

I switched out my evening shift so I could see the outdoor movie in Providence tonight, and the idiots in charge of the movies said it was definitely on, so I went, only to find out they had changed their minds. Got home and saw innings 3-9, during which the Red Sox scored 0 runs on 2 hits while the Jays broke up Lester's no-hitter and scored 4 runs on 5 hits. And Lester left with an injury.

The good way:

We'd already scored 7 runs off our old pal Wang, so we took game one, and my shift for tomorrow night got canceled, meaning I'll get to see the movie on the rain date anyway. And Lester's injury wasn't too serious. We stay 3.5 up on Baltimore and go 4.5 up on New York, 6 up on Tampa Bay, and 7.5 up on Toronto. Oh, and I recorded the game so I went back and watched our 7-run second inning.

Orsillo WTF Moment:
First batter of the game: Lester goes to a full count on Reyes and walks him. Orsillo says Reyes walks "after a lengthy at-bat". 6 pitches is now "lengthy"!!!
There have been so many OWTFMs lately, I can't even keep up....

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